• Belt cleaning

    with our innovation Cleanscrape

  • Excellent cleaning performance

    up to 95% depending on use

  • Yard Goods

    with highest effeciency


Cleanscrape – belt cleaning system

Our new company, Cleanscrape GmbH, was founded in 2014 for the production and development of our belt cleaning products. Previously the product was developed and marketed by IBS. In 2013, our patented and innovative belt cleaning system, “Cleanscrape”, won the Australian Bulk Handling Award in the category "Innovative Technologies" thanks to its numerous advantages and very positive market experience.

Primary belt cleaner

Cleanscrape is a primary cleaner which is installed diagonally across the discharge pulley and forms a three dimensional curve. The cleaner has a matrix of tungsten carbide scrapers incorporated into the main rubber body during the vulcanisation process. It is tensioned against the belt at an extremely low contact pressure. Due to its excellent cleaning performance, in many applications, the Cleanscrape belt cleaner often avoids the need for a secondary cleaner.


  • Cleaning performance between 85% and 95% depending on material
  • Extremely low contact pressure between belt and cleaner
  • Low wear to the belt
  • Suitable for all belt speeds with all types of mechanical joints
  • Perfect solution for tight installation spaces
  • Simple installation


Managing director Mr. Thomas Olf
Email thomas.olf@cleanscrape.com

Tel. 0049 9772 59430 - 10
Fax 0049 9772 59430 - 19

Sales Mr. Dieter Link
Email dieter.link@cleanscrape.com

Tel. 0049 9772 59430 - 40
Fax 0049 9772 59430 - 39

Sales and Service Partners

Sales, service and maintenance is carried out by our local partners

Europe, Russia, North Africa as well as the Near and Middle East:
Martin Engineering GmbH, info@martin-eng.com, www.martin-eng.de

Australian Belt Cleaning Pty Ltd, www.australianbeltcleaning.com.au, info@australianbeltcleaning.com.au

Kubicek Fördertechnik GmbH, office@kubicek.co.at, www.kubicek.co.at

For other countries, please contact us directly: info@cleanscrape.com